4 things I wish I knew before heading to Stockholm

Parking signs-

A bit of research would of avoided us guessing if we were allowed to park or not. Having lived in Germany I was used to seeing a parking timer but did not know it had to be on display every time there was a time restriction. Had we of understood the restrictions we could probably have taken advantage of some free parking spots during certain times, instead opting to find the closest meter to pay at.
On the subject of parking meters, you will need a contactless card to make payment. Meters are easy to use and allow you to choose a maximum time you are going to stay and then only charge you for how ever long you parked.

Road signs and rules-

It’s really important to check rules for each country. Being beeped at on a right turn on red helped me understand American rules and a quick Google search helped with the way Spaniards navigate a roundabout. I kept seeing this same yellow sign and had no clue what it meant. Knowing would have helped us understand who has right of way on a traffic calming measure.

Alcohol- I’m not one for airport duty free but if you want something to drink to hand when you arrive then pick something up on the way. Supermarkets are not allowed to sell anything stronger than 3.5% meaning wine and spirits are out until you visit System Bolaget, a government owned retail store to pick up your tipple. Opening hours are very restricted so you may need to start thinking of your evening’s drink at breakfast time to give you enough time to plan what outlet to visit.

Not really a Stockholm thing but I thought I would add it for the comedy factor. Not having ever driven a car without the handbrake in the ‘usual’ place we had a lot of fun trying to figure it out. Some googling and phoning a friend later and we were off.


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