3 top tips to keep the cost down while travelling

How do I afford to travel?

1. Forget 5* all inclusive hotels, all you are doing here is paying for repetitive food that you feel you need to stuff yourselves with cause you’ve paid for it!

I instead Airbnb, I read the reviews and make sure the place is equipped with everything I  need to self cater.

2. Car hire- did you know that once you have purchased the car hire online that you can go back and requote as often as you like to see if the price changes.

If it comes down then change the booking and get the difference refunded. This has seen me on a number of occasions pay less than a tenner for a week’s car hire. ( Separate post to follow)

3. Be flexible with your travel dates, I hear all too often that people are restricting themselves to a Monday to Friday week off. How about travelling midweek?

I use Skyscanner www.skyscanner.net all the time which allows me to put in my departure airport and then leave the destination blank whilst it brings up the cheapest flights to the cheapest countries per month.

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