…..is all I kept hearing every time I told someone about our trip. If you believe home is expensive, then yes so is Sweden.
We aren’t ones for eating out when we are away so for me the trip to our local supermarket was no more than one of our usual weekly shops. We even got to try Swedish meatballs at a fraction of the cost we saw them advertised in the cafés.

A bottle of wine costs the same as at home which helped towards us not drinking our usual Spanish amount of alcohol. Add to that, that any alcohol above 3.5% must be purchased in a special off license, we had a pretty much alcohol free week.

Biggest stinger this trip was our car hire. Being used to paying anything from £5 to £55 per week I was unable to get the price any lower than £215. 

However as the guy in the car hire place reminded me ‘you’ll never cry in a Mercedes’ and he was right. I might have cried if he had me driving a Fiat 500 or similar at that price.

Probably one of our costlier trips but when you have specific dates to come and watch P!NK in concert in Stockholm it’s all worthwhile.

Here’s how we did it…
Dublin to Stockholm flights £99 each return Norwegian air.
Extra luggage allowance for bikes £90 each return.
Dublin car parking £45 ( no discount codes to be found this trip at all)
Car hire with Sixt £215
Airbnb #1 3 nights in Rimbo £124
Airbnb #2 4 nights in Saltjö-boo £155

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