5 days of MTB heaven in Sweden- Day 1 Upplands Väsby

As I sit here looking out of the car window at the view on the way back to the airport I have never felt so sad to leave a country. We have been so lucky with the weather which has highlighted every rooty bump and rocky edge of the beautiful landscape. I could never have imagined to find such beauty.

We started our travels just outside Rimbo, in the middle of nowhere with nothing but golden fields as far as the eye could see. There was something very striking about the colours that all I wanted to do was stop the car and take lots of pictures.

Fields in Upplands Väsby

Our Airbnb was a tiny little house in the back garden of the main property. It had all the facilities we needed to sleep and self cater for a few days. Stephen quickly built our bikes, ready for the next morning.

Day 1 took us to Upplands Väsby which we found on the trailforks app.  What a find it was! A big forest with way markers to guide us. There were hikers and bikers and marked cross country ski trails. We shared the path with the hikers only for a short time before the trail moved away from gravel path onto more challenging terrain.

Runby Car park starting point

Rocks and roots and flowy trails. I think I’m possibly turning into an xc biker as I totally loved the terrain.  We decided on taking the longer, black/white marked 15km loop but somehow missed a marker and got lost in the woods.

Decisions,decisions 10km or 15km?
Trying to Google our way out

About an hour of circling later we were out onto the gravel path which I was then very reluctant to leave. We made our way down to the lake but private property signs everywhere discouraged us from getting any closer.

Going in circles

After hitting the supermarket for our usual lunch of bread, ham and cheese (although Stephen found a salad bar today) we continued to explore the area.

We ended up at a dead end for the car but saw some bike paths and being the adventurers that we are, decided to follow them.

Bicycle access only from our start point

The path took us to Rosersberg Castle and grounds. The castle is used as a hotel at weekends only. More information on the castle can be found here https://www.kungligaslotten.se/vara-besoksmal/rosersbergs-slott.html

Rosersbergs Castle (Slottshotell)

We sat here watching the beauty for a while

On the way to the castle we came to a gate with a rather worrying sign.  Seeing the word ‘bommen’ with numerous camouflaged land rovers in the back ground did not fill us with confidence to head down this path….but we did anyway!

Potentially means ‘gate must be closed’

Only a couple of hundred meters of road riding led us to the grounds and some lovely sights.

Wish I wasn’t so scared of the water