5 days of MTB heaven in Sweden- Day 2 Uppsala

Today we had planned to meet a guy I got in contact with through an MTB Facebook group. You’ll find the MTB community is really friendly and a post asking for a local trail guide brought me in contact with Charlie.

We arrived at the meeting spot to find two of Charlie’s friends who were also riding that day. Like most other European countries, Swedes speak impeccable English even in the niche subject of MTB.

Off we went and found some easier trails for me, as I was planning to ride for a while then allow the guys to speed off and do something a bit harder and give Stephen at least some challenge during the week without having to wait for my slow ass.

The hour that I rode with the guys was gruelling! It was an hour at my fastest pace with my poor quads screaming for help, and I was still lagging way behind. To give myself some credit though, I came over quite a lot of rocks and drops that I would never have tried by myself but felt I needed to just follow blindly to keep up.

Very friendly locals

We split up with me continuing to loop the old MTB trail which is intertwined by a new housing development. Now at my own pace I had a great time, even finding some bicycle paths that I followed to get my mileage up.

Bicycle paths allowed me to check out the area

Stephen had a great time with the guys on the harder terrain. “Fast paced with tight technical climbs, relentless roots and rocks and multiple skinny boardwalks to negotiate. No real downhill to speak of, it was nearly all flat”

It was nice to hear even he was having difficulties keeping up.

Little cabin in the woods
Somewhere to stay if the weather changes

Back at the starting point we were invited for coffee and Fika ( pastries), again highlighting just how friendly MTB’ers can be.

After a good chat, narrowly avoiding the topic of Brexit, we headed off to explore Uppsala the 6th biggest city in Sweden, by bike of course.

Uppsala Cathedral
View from the Palace

We added another nearly 13km to our days riding and with our box of wine in hand which we bought at the special off license we were done with day 2.