5 days of MTB heaven in Sweden- Day 3 Norrtälje

This morning we had to pack up and get ready to move to our new location closer to Stockholm. We decided we would head up north first towards Norrtälje as Trailforks was looking rather promising.

Trails everywhere

Arriving at the parking area it turned out neither one of us was quite ready to bike yet, so on the suggestion of our Airbnb host we headed further up the coast in the direction of Grisslhamn.

On arrival I saw what had to be a sign for the beach, at this point I chose to ignore Google maps and follow a gravel path, into someone’s driveway. Oops! 3 point turn later and we were heading in the correct direction, found the car park and headed towards the water.

Calm waters
Imagine living in that little house

It was nearing lunch time so we headed to the harbour to get some food.

Small harbour-seems we missed the big one

We made our way back to the trail head with amazing scenery either side of the road. We arrived at Färsna Farm, parked up and got ready to ride. Stephen got himself a new fluffy brown housing for his GoPro which I found hilarious.

How does he look?

The trails were mainly gravel paths with a few singletracks shooting off to the left and right. Nothing too technical although getting into any type of flow was difficult as the trails were very short. We crossed into another part of the forest and circled for a bit.

The most exciting part of the afternoon was my crank coming off and having to do some trail side first aid on Tia.

Bike down!

We did of course for a short while get lost. This seems to be the agenda for this holiday. We ventured into a tall meadow, hoping we would get out the other side without picking up any ticks.

All in all we weren’t too impressed, having been wow’ed with our first day’s find.

Wonder how we got lost in such a small space

After a quick stop at the supermarket for some supplies we were off to our new home for the next 4 nights.

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