5 days of MTB heaven in Sweden- Day 4

I’m still feeling pretty fresh after 3 full days of riding and have so far got 68km under my belt which is great for me who usually struggles around the 12km mark on trails.

I do love a bit of road cycling so am totally up for a city bike around Stockholm. Any city we visit we always end up renting bikes to explore. You can see so much more a city and get to areas that people exploring on foot just can’t reach.

We started off in the car park of Hammersbybacken which in the winter is a ski area and on Trailforks showed a large number of trails. We thought we could do a bit of reconnaissance on the trails while we were there and from the forums had seen that MTB’ers meet there and had hoped to bump into some of them to chat about the trails.

After figuring out the parking signs, see my separate blog post,we were off.

The city is surprisingly easy to navigate by bike with cycle paths criss-crossing the city. (Not sure why I’m surprised as most European cities do cycle paths so much better than us).

We cycled the canal path stretching from City hall to Rålambshovsparken, a big open park area with the added bonus of food trucks and luscious green grass as far as the eye could see.

Cycling along the canal

We made a quick pitstop to our local ICA supermarket for some reasonably priced coffee and Fika before heading into the tourist priced districts.

We passed the City Hall before getting into the middle of Stockholm.

City hall

On the small, busy streets, we needed to push the bikes and headed towards Kungliga Slottet – Stockholm Royal Palace.

Cobbled streets
Royal Palace

Our adventure continued 4km east of the Palace to Djurgården, past the ABBA museum and to Rosendals Slott where we had our picnic.

Lots of people in and out of here

We said goodbye to the city and headed back to the car.

Pretty successful 29km cycle around the city. I would recommend Stockholm by bike to everyone. What a wonderful place.

Didn’t feel that hard at all