Cheap car hire tips

I’ve often paid less than a tenner for a week of car hire in Spain. How did I do it? Read on….

First off I sign into my Quidco account and search for Travelsupermarket. You will get some cashback for each search you complete through a Quidco click.

I then put in the car hire information.

I like to chose a car from Holiday autos as I find their re-quote service very easy to use and this is the key to cheap hire.

Now it’s your choice which rental company to book with.

Remember, you will hear all sorts of horror stories for each and every one of the rental companies. People more often post their bad experiences compared to their good ones. I’m guilty of that one.

Go ahead and press book. Pay the current fee and keep the confirmation email safe.

Now the important part…

In the weeks running up to your booking, go back and find out if there has been a decrease in price.

Find the confirmation email and scroll to the bottom, choose manage booking.

Next up chose Amend/ Update booking.

Go to Change Vehicle

You will now see a list of cars available. Sort by lowest price first. Chose your new car if the price has decreased.

If no change or it has increased, then just close your browser and make no amendments.

If the price is lower you will get a refund for the difference.

And just like that I’m renting a car in Malaga for a week for less than a fiver! Madness right?! A bus to the hotel would cost more than that.

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