How do you keep blogging when you’re not biking?

It being wet and windy in Northern Ireland has meant my poor bike hasn’t seen too much of the outdoors recently. I’m trying to get better at winter riding, but for me it’s a lack of waterproof gear that stops me heading out. Am I made of sugar I hear you ask? Obviously not and I need to remember this and just head out anyway.

A few weeks ago I thought I would dust down the bike and head in to Clandeboye to get the legs moving. I probably should of taken it as a bad sign when I couldn’t find a matching pair of sealskins socks, gloves or my slightly more waterproof fivetens. Nor did I know I would need goggles to ride through the mud without having to close my eyes.

Not letting that deter me I headed off on a very muddy adventure until my feet got too wet and cold.

Did I die? Nope. Did I actually melt? Nope. Did I have a good time? YES,YES I DID, but a few weeks on and I haven’t been back out.

It’s hard to get motivated on days off and it’s too dark after work, but don’t worry, I can hear myself making up a list of excuses.

Who inspires you with their motivation to do their thing? Be it swimming in the sea in our way too low temperatures or heading out to all sorts of Forest parks whatever the weather so you can improve every single ride! (yes I’m talking about you two)

What keeps you motivated to keep moving and how do you keep blogging about it?

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