5 things you should know about Hostel etiquette.

1- IKEA has made a lot of money from hostel owners. In perfect IKEA build it yourself style we are faced with creaky as hell bunk beds. Every movement is followed by an over exaggerated amount of squeaking time.

2- There will always be that one person who comes back to the room at midnight and thinks it’s totally acceptable to keep the room awake by having a shower. Don’t be that person.

3- If you are getting up really early you should have your bag packed the night before so you only need to lift your stuff and if necessary repack out in the common area. Not everyone wants to hear you clatter about at 6am.

4- If you are going to set an alarm then at least know how to turn it off. That French horn at 615am got us all off to a great start.

5- Etiquette tells me I should of offered my bottom bunk to the older french lady last night. I did however have to consider how much more noise I would make tossing and turning in the top bunk above a stranger instead of a bottom bunk beneath a friend.

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